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About Me

Gabriel Fuentes received his Masters of Oriental Medicine from the Dallas College of Oriental Medicine in Dallas, Texas in 2004. While this time at school was very beneficial, he was disturbed by the immense disparity and lack of medical literature available to Western students. The lack of clinical education available to western students as well was an issue that motivated him to move to Taiwan after a year of graduation to pursue further studies in Chinese medicine and language. While in Taiwan, Gabriel studied Chinese language and interned at China Medical Hospital, TW. Gabriel apprenticed with Dr. Chang Yong-hsien, esteemed practitioner of acupuncture specializing in stroke and facial palsy, and Dr. Gao Shang-de, an internal medicine specialist, famous for his work in autoimmune diseases and Gastroenterology. He also had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study with the internationally renowned Classical formula specialist Dr. Zhang Bu-dao, who treated over two hundred patients a day.


Gabriel was exposed to treating a wide range of conditions including IBS, Colitis, Menstrual diseases, strokes and various other conditions. Gabriel also studied with many other well-known practitioners in China, Taiwan and Korea, giving him a full grasp of the limitations and strengths of East Asian Medicine. Aside from his clinical studies, Gabriel has been involved in various academic research projects in Taiwan, Korea and China. His academic research focus is on the development and education of Chinese medicine in Taiwan and the de-contextualization of Chinese medical education. His clinical studies focus on internal medicine and neurological conditions. His other interests lie in exploring folk medical traditions and non-academic Chinese medical traditions prevalent in Taiwan. His passion for a better path to healing led Gabriel to become the first American to be a full-time lecturer in the department of Chinese medicine at China Medical University, where he taught full-time for over seven years.

Education and Certifications

Dallas College of Oriental Medicine

Gabriel has received his Master of Oriental medicine from Dallas College of Oriental Medicine, and is currently pursuing his Ph.D in the history of medicine.

China Medical University, PhD. Candidate

Research focus on the history and development of Chinese medicine in Taiwan. Publications include "Chinese Medical Illustration: Chronologies and Categories" and "Functional Foods of the East."

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My Philosophy

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