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What to expect during your initial consultation?

If it’s your first time seeing an Easter Medicine practitioner, you might have many questions. What do I wear? How long will it take? Initially there will be a detailed interview asking an array of questions regarding your condition, symptoms, family history and circumstances previous and during the onset of the illness. Traditional methods of diagnosis and assessments are used such as pulse diagnosis, inspection of the tongue and channel palpation. These traditional assessment methods are used to assess the state of the condition in order to determine the right course of action for your condition. 

If you are afraid of needles, you need not be alarmed when it comes to acupuncture needles!  As far as size goes, the needles used are about the width of a strand of hair. Most people are typically surprised by how little they feel the needle when they are inserted, sometimes you will feel a tiny prick when it enters the skin, especially in sensitive areas but after the needles are inserted there is little to no sensation.

Avenzoar Acupuncture & Wellness Center in Oklahoma City

Though needling might be used in the treatment of many conditions, other therapies that fall under the umbrella of East Asian Medicine (EAM) may be employed. These may include, gua sha, massage/tuina, cupping, Chinese herbal formulas, microcurrent stimulation, moxa/heat therapy. Depending on the condition and what your diagnosis is, you might be treated by one or multiple of these modalities. Acupuncture is completely safe (the FDA regulates the needles and requires practitioners use disposable one time used needles).

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